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Property Management

"All properties need to be cared for so that you know once you make plans to visit your property in the sun it will be perfect and you will not have to spend the first day or week trying to contact people to fix problems. We do all that."

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We have a standard package which covers the following:

· Weekly keyholder visits to the apartment for general inspection.

· Airing the apartment , opening of doors and windows for airing.

· Checking door locks and window catches for any tampering.

· Checking water, electric and telephone supplies.

· Checking all lights are working and replacing bulbs if necessary.

· Checking all appliances in the property.

· Checking for any sign of unwanted insects and pests.

· Contacting utility compannies in the event of a cut in supply.

· Reporting to the owner of anything requiring attention.

· Plumbing check. Checking all taps are working and running them for a short period.

· Flushing all toilets to make sure that pipes are working and that there are no blockages.

· Checking for any sign of humidity or water leaks.

Your peace of mind is surprisingly economic , please ask us for a quote.

We work together with a team of maintenance professionals that cover:

Sky Installers
Air conditioning Engineers
Lock Smiths
And many more..

Tel: + 34 662 100 260